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There isn’t much online about Top Resume. The top resume reviews I read were as far from impressive as possible. After reading many negative Topresume reviews, I realized that this might not be the smartest choice for a job application package. Even so, to answer the question is top resume legit, I had to check the website, order from them, and evaluate their work. To learn what happened when I did this, you should read my top resume review below.

Offered Services

All in all, there are just three products in total that you can get from this company. They have a resume, a cover letter, and a LinkedIn makeover product to offer to customers. On top of that, they offer free resume critiques. You can ask for one and send them your resume, but I was a bit skeptical about this. Of course, they marked the entire thing for editing and offered that I bought one of their packages, so this is simply a marketing trick.

Not only are there just three services in their offerings, but these all come in packages and cannot be bought or paid for individually. The only thing you can buy on its own is a resume, which is basically their first package (I still cannot understand why they’d call it a package when it contains a single item. In their explanation of the package, they list three things: formatted for success, professionally written, and keyword optimized.

If you choose just a resume (it is called ‘professional growth’ package), you don’t get their 60-days interview guarantee. This guarantee is only legit for the two other options. These are:

  • Career evolution (resume and cover letter + 60-days interview guarantee)
  • Executive priority (resume, cover letter, LinkedIn makeover + 60-days interview guarantee)

Apparently, it doesn’t really matter how much experience you have or what kind of job you’re applying for. These are their prices. I expected at least different packages like, for example, entry level orders or maybe even veteran packages like some companies have. This is a very limited range of services and of packages, so I’m a bit disappointed at this point.

Prices, Discounts and Special Features

Since there are just three package options, there are also three prices at Topresume: $179 for Professional Growth, $219 for Career Evolution, and $349 for Executive Priority.

These prices are far from affordable. All of them are pricey, especially the first one since you only get a resume edit and there’s no guarantee that comes with it. If you ask me: is topresume worth it regarding the price, I say no right away. This was even before I ordered from them and was disappointed by the quality, too.

There aren’t any discounts applied to these prices. No discounts are mentioned on the website or by students in their testimonials. Basically, the company has no special features and limited services. It’s a disappointment to begin with.

Writer Certifications and Service Guarantees

As I mentioned, two of the three available options come with a single guarantee for 60-days interview. According to them, if you don’t receive an interview within 2 months since you received the resume, you can ask for a free revision, not a refund.

If you haven’t managed to get a single interview invitation with their professionally written and paid resume and cover letter, why would you ask for a revision if they did such a poor job to begin with?

Quality of Ordered Products

From the quality of my resume and cover letter (I chose the second package), I can tell you one thing I am now sure of. They have ready templates for the formatting where they add all your information from your original resume. They didn’t even bother to organize things, move them around, or emphasize the key information. They just copied my existing information into a template and sent it back. This doesn’t show any quality or prove that their writers are certified and experienced. In fact, it does the opposite.

Meeting of Deadlines

There were very few things that this company did right, and one of them was their meeting of deadlines. Well, you cannot really choose the deadline considering that they don’t have such options. But, they told me that I’ll get the package in 5 days and I did.

Top Resume Reviews – Key Takeaways is an expensive writing service with too many flaws to convince me to recommend it to anyone. They have high prices and limited service range. You can only get two things here, and they don’t offer any kind of control over what products you can combine or a deadline you can choose. There’s also the issue of bad guarantees, as well as average to low quality. I am very unsatisfied with their work, especially with the resume they wrote for me.

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