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The CV Guru is a UK-based company that sells job application products on their website. When you land on their site, you’ll find modern design and useful blog posts. There’s a testimonial page there full of positive reviews from customers. When we first saw all this, it seemed like this service offers a lot to its customers.

But, this reputation is nothing like the one they have. Testimonials that are published outside their pages aren’t half as good as the ones we read there. This is not a popular company like you’d assume by checking out their site. This is why we ordered from the company and proceeded to write this thecvguru review to share the details.

Offered Services

You can find every service provided by in the Guru Shop. This is where they’ve listed their prices, too. From this company, you can get the following services:

  • CV (You can either send them a ready CV you want to be changed or fill out their CV form)
  • Professional CV for senior management, executives, or directors (includes an optional phone consultation and a second version of the CV)
  • Covering letter (you can choose between a speculative letter, which is general to your industry, or an advert response letter tailored to a specific company)
  • Premium professional package – CV, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile
  • Personal statement
  • LinkedIn profile preparation
  • Change in CV focus (basically editing of your existing CV and updating it with more recent information)
  • CV and/or LinkedIn update (update on a product that’s been written by their writers)
  • CV or premium package for retiring police and armed forces
  • Academic CV or premium package for students

Some of these products are still confusing despite being described on the page. We still aren’t sure what is the difference between the services ‘LinkedIn update’ and ‘Online completion of your LinkedIn’ seeing how their description is the same thing.

If you encounter such issues and don’t understand something, you can speak to the support. They are responsive and friendly, but they still didn’t manage to explain this to us.

Prices, Discounts, and Special Features

TheCVGuru is not a very cheap company. They are average for some products, while for others they have unreasonable prices. For example, a CV costs £45 if you have zero to 3 years’ experience. It costs £100 if you have over 11 years’ experience. 4-10 years’ experience – £75. These are reasonable prices compared to rates on the market.

 the cv guru - 0/3 package   the cv guru - 4/10 package the cv guru reviews - 11+ package

A personal statement, on the other hand, costs £65 if you get it in 5 days, cover letter costs £35.

You get the best bargain if you get a package. The premium professional package costs from £95 to £175 depending on your experience and level. This is where you get a discount – when you order several things in a package. It’s also where the prices become very reasonable and fair for the things offered.

The only special feature you’ll find on this site is an express service. All prices are for delivery of 3-5 days. If you want your order to arrive in a day, you need to pay £50 extra.

Writer Certification and Service Guarantees

The only information we could find about the writers is that they are ‘UK based consultants who understand the UK marketplace’. There is no information about their background, expertise, and/ or training anywhere on the website.

The same applies to guarantees. They are mentioned, but vaguely. They don’t guarantee that your resume will be a success like some other companies do i.e. don’t offer you free revisions if you don’t get interviews.

Quality of Ordered Products

In terms of guarantees, mentions that they’ll work on your order until you’re satisfied.

We ordered the premium package and paid a solid price for it. In return, we got the same CV we sent out with a total of 5 things edited (even the formatting remained the same) and a poorly written cover letter.

Meeting of Deadlines

The only thing right with our order was that they met the deadline they set – the package came before those 5 days they mentioned ended.


the cv guru reviews

the cv guru review
Trustpilot | the cv guru reviews

97% reviews with 5 stars, seriously?

It looks very unnatural.

Key Takeaways

TheCVGuru is a professional-looking website where resumes, CVs, and other job application services are being offered. They have average prices and responsive support. However, they lack the most important things – quality and guarantees. This company created a bad package when we ordered and did nothing to resolve the issue. This is why we cannot recommend them to others.

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