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When I first saw Professional-CV-Writing, one detail caught my attention: the team brags with an excellent reputation through Trustpilot. When I opened the link to see the actual reviews, they all seemed too similar and generic. They have the same word count, similar claims, and one thing in common: they are all positive.

You get the picture: they look like reviews that somebody would order from a writer.

But that’s just an assumption. I can’t base my review on assumptions. I decided to ditch that initial doubt and test the CV writing service to see if it’s good enough for the price you pay.

Offered Services

CV writing is the main type of service offered at

You can also get a “free CV review,” but that’s just a trick for the team to push you towards an actual order. I tried that service, and I got scarce feedback that looked like this: “The CV lacks character. Allow us to improve it. Place an order today and we’ll give you the best price.”

So that’s not an actual service.

In addition to a CV, you can also get a LinkedIn profile, cover letter, and personal statement.

It’s not an impressive offer. I feel like it lacks some packages. For example, I always expect a better offer when I want to order a CV, LinkedIn profile, and a cover letter.

Prices, Discounts and Special Features

There are three categories of CVs here:

  • Early career, starting with prices from £119
  • Professional career, with prices from £179
  • Executive career, with prices from £249

The “from” price is for CV only. If you want to order a CV, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile of Executive Career level, you’ll pay a price of £437.

It’s not an expensive price. It’s pretty acceptable when you compare Professional-CV-Writing to other UK services. However, there’s a problem: the deadline is not clarified.

Writer Certifications and Service Guarantees

The writer qualifications seem impressive. In the About Us section, you’ll see a claim that all professionals have at least five years of direct exposure within HR and recruitment. If that’s true, it means that a real hiring manager or recruiter would write my job application documents.

Claire Lyon, the leader of this team, has two decades of experience with consulting job seekers. I googled for a while, but I couldn’t find a consulting professional under that name.

Quality of the Ordered Product

I ordered the most expensive package from Professional CV Writing. I couldn’t find out what the deadline was. I browsed through the entire website, and it lacks clear information on timing.

The order form says “standard turnaround,” but it doesn’t identify what that means. I contacted a customer support agent. I waited for two days to get an answer. As it turned out, five business days was the standard turnaround.

I waited for eight business days. No sign of my documents.

The writer didn’t call me for an interview, although the terms and conditions mention such a consultation. So I waited.

When the order was finally prepared, I wasn’t happy with its quality. The CV wasn’t too bad. It was a basic Europass format filled in with the information that I provided. I could’ve completed it in five minutes, and I would’ve saved the two hundred I spent.

The LinkedIn profile was a mere rewrite of the CV. It showed no character and no career aspirations.

The cover letter was the greatest disappointment of all. The writer made grammar mistakes that would make a high-school student laugh.

Meeting of Deadlines

The deadline was my biggest issue.

When I don’t see a clarified delivery time, I know I’m in trouble. I have experience with such services, and they always take their time. That’s why they don’t disclose any deadlines at their sites. I really think that this is the first aspect for to improve.

Key Takeaways

The website lacks basic information that would enable you to set some expectations. Not disclosing deadlines is a serious issue. You have to get your job application documents by a precise deadline. Otherwise, you’ll miss the application timeframe for a position you really like.

That’s not the only issue. The quality of the products is also questionable.

I recommend you to look through other services; there are better ones out there.

Top 5 CV Writing Services

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