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When I was searching for CV writers UK to review, this was one of the first suggestions I got. A friend of mine used this service and wasn’t sure if she was happy or not. When I saw the CV, I told her she shouldn’t be happy with it. It was a mere list of qualifications. A CV is a list of qualifications, but they should be structured in a way that makes the candidate relevant for the job. In this case, the writer failed to meet those expectations.

I still decided to review CV KnowHow in detail. I placed an order with extensive instructions, hoping that it was my friend’s fault for receiving such a bad CV because she didn’t collaborate with the writer. I took a different approach. Are you interested in the results?

Offered Services

CVKnowHow offers CV writing services in three categories:

  • Professional growth
  • Career evolution
  • Executive priority

These are just fancy names for an entry-level, career change, and executive resume.

The team also offers a LinkedIn profile makeover. Keep in mind that they won’t complete your LinkedIn profile from scratch. They just offer editing services that are supposed to make it better.

That’s it. CV writing/editing and LinkedIn profile editing is all you can get at this website. They don’t deliver cover letters as individual documents. However, a cover letter is included in the Career Evolution and Executive Priority packages.

Prices, Discounts and Special Features

The prices seem reasonable if you expect a high-quality CV. For the Professional Growth category, they start at £79. You can pay in three installments of £30, but you’re paying £90 in total that way. Career Evolution comes with prices starting at £129, and Executive Priority is quite expensive: from £219 ( or £240 if you pay in three installments of £80).

There are no discounts and special features here.

It’s a plain website that offers two types of services and nothing else. It also lacks a blog, which I don’t like at all. Professional writers have tons of experience that can help job hunters to land an opportunity. At most other websites of this type, the writers share those insights for free through the blogs. This is just a salesy site that doesn’t offer any samples or blog posts.

Writer Certifications and Service Guarantees

CV Know How claims to have over 1200 writers across 65 industries. They promise to pair you with an expert from the industry you target. That’s great, but it’s a rather exaggerated claim. A writer of such level won’t deliver a plain CV based on the most common template.

As for the guarantees, they offer a 60-day interview guarantee for the Career Evolution and Executive Priority packages. That’s impressive, but why isn’t it included in the Professional Growth package? Most entry-level candidates need the most affordable service, so they will choose that one. Not providing them with a guarantee that they deserve is not fair at all.

Quality of the Ordered Product

After looking through the website and seeing what my friend got from this service, I set my expectations low. Still, I made a lot of effort to collaborate with my author and I practically tried to guide him through the process of writing. I requested a CV for a tech lead, and I explained everything about the company I targeted. The writer was responsive to my messages. He responded in the middle of the night, which made me think he was located in a different time zone.

Regardless of this effort to collaborate as much as possible, I still got a plain CV that doesn’t work for most candidates. You could get an Europass form and fill it in with chronological information without spending so much money on a useless service. Proper CV writing is a fine art. This team isn’t close to understanding it.

Meeting of Deadlines

This is another problem: there are no deadlines at the website. They won’t guarantee timely delivery. They won’t allow you to set a deadline. You just pay the price and wait.

I got my CV in 5 days, but maybe I was just lucky. When you don’t know when to expect the document, the writer may be late, and you won’t get a refund because they didn’t promise early delivery.

Key Takeaways

The quality of the CV I got wasn’t good. I liked the collaboration system and I expected a good result because of it, but I was disappointed with the product.

For this price, there are better CV writing services out there. What do you think?

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Users CV KnowHow Reviews

I paid for the full package. Linkedin, cover letter, CV upgrade the whole lot. Cost me around 250 pounds. Every email I would send would be responded back 2 or even sometimes 3 days later. I paid for a 48 hour turnaround which i didnt get. I also asked for a refund they said we cant do that and will match you with a different writer. The CV was very simple CV for my little brother whos a graduate. I understand i should have done it. This is a hard lesson learned. The CV we got back was poor at best. Do not us this company. I would advise you to do it up on your own and have other proof read it.

April 6, 2021

Awful experience with this company. Their customer service is horrendous and in terms of communicating with you, don’t expect anything. It’s taken me countless reminder emails to get anywhere, not at least a response. Also, their refund policy is outrageous. I was told I would get a refund ( I have not used the service due to Covid and personal matters), two months later, still no refund. After chasing (countless times again) from the company I’ve been told that I cannot have a refund, despite telling me it was being processed in November!

Alex Lowin
January 22, 2021


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